FenelonBrewCo.’s Beer Colouring Contest

Introducing FenelonBrewCo.’s Beer Colouring Contest with original designs released each week

“Colouring has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation due to inherent qualities, such as the ability to remain present and focused on the image and provide temporary relief from life stressors.

—Martha Dorn, The Art Therapy Project

Congratulations to all the winners of our inaugural #fenelonbrewco colouring contest.

Week 5 Belgian Farmhouse Saison: @andrewpmeehan
Week 4 East Coast IPAe: @furmancotage
Week 3 Kawartha Sparkling Ale: @danielcook249
Week 2 West Coast Red Ale: @kirstenamberh
Week 1 Vienna Lager: @emily.barkwell

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