• Beer Yeast Part II

    Yeast makes beer. That statement requires some clarification; yeast fermentation turns pre-fermented sugar-water called wort into beer, this is the basis for what was discussed last time. Yet there is no universal strain of yeast, and there are many different types that, depending on how fermentation occurs, impact flavour and […]

  • Beer Yeast

    When making beer, there are four essential ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. There are a few more items that are often added, such as clarifying agents, brewing salts, pH adjusters, among others, but for sake of clarity, let’s focus on the fundamentals. Previously on this blog, hops were discussed […]

  • Craft Beer tasting How-to

    So, you’ve made the decision to get into craft beer; congratulations! You may find that there are a wider variety of flavours than you would find in wholesale, commercially-available beers. As such, you may want to change the way you sample-taste your drink. This week, I’ll give you a guide […]

  • Hops and more…

    As I mentioned last time, there is debate in the brewing industry on the importance of measuring IBUs. Some see IBUs as an easily measurable parameter meant to serve as a guideline for consumers. Others see it as too simple and can be confusing for less knowledgeable drinkers; thus, not […]