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  • Spring update

    There’s lots going on behind the scene that we’re excited to share with you. BEER DEVELOPMENT  Last month we were pleased to host our inaugural beer tastings. Joined by a diverse group of beer drinkers, we sampled our Red Ale and Vienna Lager to gain insights and feedback in the […]

  • Trip around the world

    We’re excited to share with you our trip around the world. We’ve been planning this for 4 years, before we decided to start a craft brewery. We’re traveling for the simple reason that life is short and the world is big. We want to explore the world while we’re still able, strong, […]

  • We got rezoned!

    “I also certify that the twenty-day appeal period expired on the 26th day of July, 2016 and no appeals were received and therefore the by-law is now in effect.” – City of Kawartha Lakes It’s official! The building has been rezoned and a craft brewery is coming soon! Thankful for […]